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Relocation Tools

There are a lot of details to cover when you consider accepting a new opportunity – especially when that opportunity requires you and your family to relocate. Plans must be made regarding housing, school districts, moving cost and more. Use the tools below to help with your relocation decisions.

Salary Calculator
Find out how much you would need to make in your new city to keep your current lifestyle.

Moving Calculator
Use the moving calculator to help you budget for your upcoming move.

Relocation Crime Lab
Use our Crime Lab to compare crime statistics in over 6,000 cities.

Relocation Wizard
Create a custom timeline to organize the many details of a relocation.

Mortgage Qualifier
Calculate the housing and real estate you qualify for at current mortgage rates.

Rent-Buy Calculator
Use this calculator to help determine the best solution—own or rent.

Community Calculator
Compare and contrast over 29,000 neighborhoods to find the community with the lifestyle that most appeals to you.