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About Us

Mission Statement

The Lakewood Group acts in partnership with our clients doing whatever it takes to ensure that they source the best possible candidate in every position. We will listen to our client's needs, understand their organizational culture and provide staffing solutions in a timely manner. Our clients will thrive and our partnerships will flourish. In all that we do, integrity, professionalism and character are paramount.

Performance Profiling

We believe there is greater value to our clients than providing a resume service. The Lakewood Group exerts great effort in providing our clients more than resumes. We evaluate an individual’s candidacy based upon their achievements; not just what they have done, but also how well they did it, and how well those achievements would benefit our client’s expectations. We extract details from the candidate, not the resume. We question motivation and culture. Yes, we are demanding of our candidates erectiepillen kopen. Our clients deserve and receive the benefit of those demands. Because of our extensive industry experience, The Lakewood Group asks the difficult questions and listens for the response that gives insight into how well the candidate will perform for our client.

Retention Support

We work with our clients in assistance of on-going examination of employee retention. We develop and process employee questionnaires in conjunction with our client’s management team to ask the questions of deepest concern regarding employee satisfaction. This provides a valuable continuity for our valued client relationships.